• Angus ground beef or shredded chicken topped with cheese
  • Angus steak tacos served with onions
  • Chorizo Omelette
  • burrito stuffed with a delectable mix of sautéed steak

Agave Bar and Grill

Family Owned And Operated

About us

Agave Bar & Grill started as a dream, something that our family always wanted but didn't know how to go about it, day we decided to shop around the market for local businesses in Carmel, IN we can across this amazing location on 31 East. Main St. we immediately knew that this here was where we wanted to make our dream come true. As a family we worked tirelessly to turn our ideas into a reality on May 1, 2017, we became the new owners of Agave Bar & Grill. We open the doors to our guests every day at 11 AM with the same amount of love and enthusiasm as day 1. we hope that that's something that is felt when dining with us.

This being said cheers to new beginnings and a HUGE thank you from our family to yours. Agave Bar & Grill. Carmel, IN

What started as an idea, turned into reality. We have put a lot of time and love into every dish and drink. It's something we hope can be felt when dining with us. we strive to provide the best food and the best service to all of our guests. All of the dishes served at Agave Bar & grill have been inspired by the different pueblos from Mexico. Every dish has an exciting flavor to it, we have gluten-free items, and will modify any dish due to allergies.

We have many new items that will make it to our Menu beginning Fall of 2017, a couple of those dishes being our NEW Mar Molcajete, which includes a variety of seafood. the second dish is our Tierra Molcajete, with 4 different types of Mexican meat, like chorizo (Mexican sausage), steak, grilled chicken, and carnitas. this dish was created in Tehuacan, Mexico and we are excited to be bringing it to our Carmel and Fishers location.

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